Feb 08, 2018 · But it’s different when it comes to the iPhone. iOS doesn’t allow users access to the file system. This means apps can’t modify the files to hide or encrypt them. On the flip side, iOS has

If you want to receive message alerts on Lock screen, use part one to simply hide text message preview on iPhone. If you want to hide text message notifications from Lock screen altogether, use part two. And if you simply need to send a single private message now and again, consider using part three to hide your text message in invisible ink. How to Hide Text Messages on the iPhone (Turn Off Preview) Sep 04, 2015 How to Hide Sensitive Notifications From Your iPhone’s Nov 08, 2017 Hide SMS & iMessage Previews from the Lock Screen on iPhone

(2019) How to Hide Text Messages on iPhone by Hiding

Sep 04, 2015 · When you receive a message now, not even a notification will show up on the lock screen. Instead, the phone will either make the text message sound or vibrate if you have it on silent. When you unlock your phone, a banner will show up across the top showing you the new messages. Nov 08, 2017 · In iOS 11, your iPhone gives you much more control over notifications. You can designate certain apps as “sensitive”, so that it hides the content of notifications while your phone is locked, only letting you see the full preview when you use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock your iPhone. This works in every single app on your phone, unlike in iOS 10 and before.

"Hide Messages" gives you the possibility to hide these messages. You simply drag the "Hide Messages" sticker over a message and it will disappear. Attention: iMessage's built-in delete feature is only deleting the message on your device. Your chat buddy can still see the message. How To Hide Text Messages On Iphone - YouTube Feb 13, 2019 How to HIDE text messages on iPhone - iPhone, iPad, iPod