Oct 11, 2016

Sep 16, 2011 Net Send replacement for Windows 7 Solutions | Experts We are upgrading to Windows 7 workstations. We used to use 'NetSend' to send messages to our XP machines. NetSend no longer works in Windows 7. I read where MSG.exe has to be used for Windows 7. When I send a message to a windows 7 PC from a Windows XP PC using the following command: 'C:\msg BHSPC_NEW Hi' I receive an error How to send message to IP address or user in Windows 10 Seriously though, there is a tool embedded in windows xp… net send. it’s what produced those annoying pop-up messenger spam messages before sp2. syntax.. net send. Doesn’t work though unless both machines have the messenger service running and are configured to …

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Server 2008 Net Send or Msg? - Server Fault The "Net Send" command was really deprecated in Windows 7/2008, but, there is a better option for this platform. Use a script made to adapt the MSG.EXE command to the old style "NET SEND". It won't work with Windows 2003/XP (Just with Vista/7/2008), but it's simple and effective. Try this out: Script Send-NetMessage - Net Send / Msg.exe

Dec 17, 2011

c# - Sending Windows key using SendKeys - Stack Overflow