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Oracle Data Provider for .NET, Managed Driver Configuration A typical .NET config that uses ODP.NET, Managed Driver has some or all of the following subsections nested within a subsection under section. Note the tag names are case sensitive, while the attribute names are case insensitive. java - Get rid of client-config.wsdd in Axis - Stack Overflow in the other hand, you can add a new client-config.wsdd file to resource directory. share | improve this answer | follow | answered Feb 20 at 7:42. iceberg iceberg. 1,729 1 1 gold badge 18 18 silver badges 22 22 bronze badges. add a comment | Your Answer BOINC - Ubuntu Wiki Mar 29, 2012

client.query with a Submittable. If you pass an object to client.query and the object has a .submit function on it, the client will pass it's PostgreSQL server connection to the object and delegate query dispatching to the supplied object. This is an advanced feature mostly intended for library authors. It is incidentally also currently how the callback and promise based queries above are

Config Reference — botocore 1.17.23 documentation botocore.config¶ class botocore.config.Config(*args, **kwargs)¶. Advanced configuration for Botocore clients. Parameters. region_name (str) -- The region to use in instantiating the client; signature_version (str) -- The signature version when signing requests.; user_agent (str) -- The value to use in the User-Agent header.; user_agent_extra (str) -- The value to append to the current User

Environment Variables¶. os-client-config honors all of the normal OS_* variables. It does not provide backwards compatibility to service-specific variables such as NOVA_USERNAME. If you have OpenStack environment variables set, os-client-config will produce a cloud config object named envvars containing your values from the environment. If you don’t like the name envvars, that’s ok, you

~/.ssh/config This is the per-user configuration file. The format of this file is described above. This file is used by the SSH client. Because of the potential for abuse, this file must have strict permissions: read/write for the user, and not accessible by others. /etc/ssh/ssh_config Systemwide configuration file. ClientUserSettings.config where is it on Windows 7 Jan 12, 2016 How to Configure Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client for Windows Dec 21, 2017 Using the SSH Config File | Linuxize